Locomotive exterior


Locomotive St, Eveleigh, NSW 2015

The adaptive re-use and redevelopment of the 1880’s-built heritage listed Locomotive Workshop will comprise a combination of bespoke retail, modern infill office with innovative heritage design and interpretation. The redevelopment will comprise approximately 8,000 square metres of retail NLA and 22,000 square metres of modern infill office. The Locomotive Workshop is of high heritage significance and as such it is intended to preserve and celebrate the building fabric, its collections and blacksmith activity to create an industry leading example of adaptive reuse and heritage interpretation. Practical competition for the whole project is forecasted as second half of FY21.

100% Mirvac

Summary information

Acquisition Date Apr-16
Valuation at 30-JUN-20 $110.2m
Expected Development Value On Completion $406m
Target Completion FY21

Project Update

Construction is progressing well at the Locomotive Workshop with structural steel complete to Bays 3-4a North and slab pours complete. Piling is complete to Bays 5-13 and site establishment for excavation of the travelator structure connecting the retail to Building 2 has commenced.